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Kia Partners with The Ocean Cleanup for a More Sustainable Future

Video: Kia on the Path to Sustainability  

Kia has joined with The Ocean Cleanup and embarked on a journey to help create a more sustainable future. For the next seven years, the automaker will help eliminate the ocean’s plastic waste by repurposing it in the vehicles they manufacture. They are committed to realizing carbon neutrality by 2045 via their 3S activities: sustainable mobility, sustainable energy, and a sustainable planet. Scroll down and read this blog by Kia of Irvine in Irvine, CA, and watch the video on Kia’s plan to create a fully sustainable future.  

This partnership is not about reaching a numeric goal but about inspiring people to join the movement towards sustainability and improving our environment. Follow the Kia of Irvine blog to know more about Kia.  

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