Kia Optima – Always Keeping You in Control

If there’s one thing you’re assured of when you drive a Kia Optima, it is that you’re provided with amenities that always give you full control with every trip you take.

For one, the Optima comes equipped with the Blind Spot Detection System, allowing drivers to scan their surroundings consistently to avoid potential danger. Whenever changing lanes with a vehicle in your blind spot, the Optima will instantly alert you, preventing you from a possible collision.

Additionally, the Optima affords you control in and out of lanes with the Lane Keep Assist System. Whenever you start drifting out of your lane without signaling, the assist system will notify you, intervening with corrective steering whenever necessary to ensure you’re staying steady as you’re driving. Whether driving in a residential neighborhood or on the busiest highway, the system looks out for your safety to keep you safe from unforeseen issues.

The Forward Collision Avoidance Assists always keep you alert of what’s ahead, helping you to monitor the driving surroundings and look out for potential threats. If a vehicle is ahead, the driver may not immediately respond to a potential collision. The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist applies the brakes right away to reduce the possibility of an accident.

Finally, there’s the Rear-Cross Traffic Alert, keeping drivers in control of their surroundings every time they back up or get ready to park. Each time you back out of a parking space, the Rear-Cross Traffic Alert utilizes a detailed radar system that’s integrated into the rear bumper of the Optima. The system warns drivers of oncoming traffic approaching from the left or right when reversing.

Safety and control are paramount when trying to get the most out of any driving experience. The Optima makes both elements a top priority, and each of these features lets drivers maximize their experiences in many ways.

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Kia Optima – Full of Comfort and Savvy

Throughout its history, the Kia Optima has long prided itself on being a vehicle that offers several features that add convenience to the driving experience.

Among the Kia Optima’s most notable aspects are its focus on comfort and updated technology. Comfort is on display throughout the savvy sedan, including heated and ventilated leather seating that helps people stay comfortable regardless of the time of year they’ve driven in. The steering wheel is also leather-wrapped, complementing an interior that provides some extra cushion for drivers to capitalize on, making them feel at ease with each trip. Plus, the dual-zone automatic climate control feature lets Optima drivers set the temperature they feel most comfortable with when driving.

Then, there’s the wide array of technology features that accompany the Optima, letting drivers stay connected at every turn. There is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to allow users to make calls or get directions on-demand. USB and Bluetooth technology also lets drivers charge their phones and stay connected with their loved ones or colleagues on the go. Sirius XM satellite radio is included in the Optima, backed by a home-quality speaker that makes your car feel like a studio each time you drive.

The drive mode select system and push-button start system also make it simple for Optima drivers to start up their vehicles and use features that always keep them aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. Advanced driver assistance systems make it considerably easier to keep track of what’s going on.

Typically getting high ratings for their interior design and their technology packages, the Optima is a reliable option for drivers looking to enjoy their experiences while feeling they can master the road ahead.