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Coronavirus Financial Relief and Incentives

Kia recently announced its Accelerate the Good program that is designed to help customers financially through the Coronavirus crisis that the entire country is dealing with currently. This program allows customers to receive some financial relief that should help them make it through the toughest portion of the current Coronavirus crisis.

Current and prospective Kia owners are eligible for savings thanks to Kia’s Accelerate the Good program. The program offers financial assistance in the forms of payment deferrals and interest-free financing agreements for a certain period of time. Contact the staff here at Kia of Irvine today or continue reading below for more information on Kia’s Accelerate the Good program!

Current Kia Owners Program

There are a few key advantages available to eligible current Kia owners through the Accelerate the Good program that Kia is offering during the Coronavirus crisis. Current Kia owners are able to defer their monthly payments if they have been negatively affected by the Coronavirus crisis. Each case is different and will be handled by Kia Motors Finance on a case-by-case basis. Service centers at most Kia dealerships remain open, and Kia of Irvine offers pickup and drop-off for vehicle services as well!

New Kia Shoppers Program

Customers who are interested in purchasing a new Kia vehicle are still able to do so at most Kia dealerships, including here at Kia of Irvine. While some dealerships are still open to the public, others are only offering online and over-the-phone sales. This is the case here at Kia of Irvine, where we will complete all the necessary sales steps digitally or by phone and then deliver your new car to you! Customers during this crisis can defer their first payment for up to 120 days and finance their vehicle for 75 months at 0% APR.

Dealership Safety Protocols

In an effort to keep all dealership staff and customers safe, Kia dealerships around the country are implementing some dealership safety protocols. Here at Kia of Irvine, that mainly revolves around operating our standard business practices over the phone and online. When we deliver a purchased vehicle or return your current vehicle from our service department, we ensure that the vehicle is thoroughly disinfected for your protection. Our dealership is also thoroughly disinfected regularly to keep the staff that we have working as safe as possible!

If you have any specific questions about Kia’s Accelerate the Good program or need more information on the Kia of Irvine response to the Coronavirus crisis, then you should contact our staff today!

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