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Easter eggs

3 Easter Egg Hunt Events for Kids near Irvine, CA

Where to Find Easter Egg Hunt Events for Kids near Irvine, CA 

What better way to spend a spring weekend than with family and friends, rolling in the grass, and finding easter eggs? In Irvine, there are many fun events for children and their families to enjoy during the Easter season. Some of these events include egg hunts, scavenger hunts, holiday crafts, and egg decorating with the kids in mind. If you are looking for Easter egg hunt events for kids near Irvine, CA, you’ve come to the right place! In this Kia of Irvine blog post, we have listed 3 of these events that are not only fun for kids but also affordable! 

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Kia Optima – Always Keeping You in Control

If there’s one thing you’re assured of when you drive a Kia Optima, it is that you’re provided with amenities that always give you full control with every trip you take.

For one, the Optima comes equipped with the Blind Spot Detection System, allowing drivers to scan their surroundings consistently to avoid potential danger. Whenever changing lanes with a vehicle in your blind spot, the Optima will instantly alert you, preventing you from a possible collision.

Additionally, the Optima affords you control in and out of lanes with the Lane Keep Assist System. Whenever you start drifting out of your lane without signaling, the assist system will notify you, intervening with corrective steering whenever necessary to ensure you’re staying steady as you’re driving. Whether driving in a residential neighborhood or on the busiest highway, the system looks out for your safety to keep you safe from unforeseen issues.

The Forward Collision Avoidance Assists always keep you alert of what’s ahead, helping you to monitor the driving surroundings and look out for potential threats. If a vehicle is ahead, the driver may not immediately respond to a potential collision. The Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist applies the brakes right away to reduce the possibility of an accident.

Finally, there’s the Rear-Cross Traffic Alert, keeping drivers in control of their surroundings every time they back up or get ready to park. Each time you back out of a parking space, the Rear-Cross Traffic Alert utilizes a detailed radar system that’s integrated into the rear bumper of the Optima. The system warns drivers of oncoming traffic approaching from the left or right when reversing.

Safety and control are paramount when trying to get the most out of any driving experience. The Optima makes both elements a top priority, and each of these features lets drivers maximize their experiences in many ways.

Kia Optima – Full of Comfort and Savvy

Throughout its history, the Kia Optima has long prided itself on being a vehicle that offers several features that add convenience to the driving experience.

Among the Kia Optima’s most notable aspects are its focus on comfort and updated technology. Comfort is on display throughout the savvy sedan, including heated and ventilated leather seating that helps people stay comfortable regardless of the time of year they’ve driven in. The steering wheel is also leather-wrapped, complementing an interior that provides some extra cushion for drivers to capitalize on, making them feel at ease with each trip. Plus, the dual-zone automatic climate control feature lets Optima drivers set the temperature they feel most comfortable with when driving.

Then, there’s the wide array of technology features that accompany the Optima, letting drivers stay connected at every turn. There is Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity to allow users to make calls or get directions on-demand. USB and Bluetooth technology also lets drivers charge their phones and stay connected with their loved ones or colleagues on the go. Sirius XM satellite radio is included in the Optima, backed by a home-quality speaker that makes your car feel like a studio each time you drive.

The drive mode select system and push-button start system also make it simple for Optima drivers to start up their vehicles and use features that always keep them aware of what’s going on in their surroundings. Advanced driver assistance systems make it considerably easier to keep track of what’s going on.

Typically getting high ratings for their interior design and their technology packages, the Optima is a reliable option for drivers looking to enjoy their experiences while feeling they can master the road ahead.

The Kia Optima is Now the K5

The Kia Optima mid-size sedan has been renamed the K5 for the 2021 model year in the United States. The renaming aligns the model with its overseas badge, where it is already called the K5.

In addition to the renaming, the former Optima also gets a redesign. The new look features a shark-inspired front grill mesh, as well as a chrome-tipped dual exhaust and Kia’s new signature running lights.

The K5 is available in 5 trim levels, starting with the base model LX, then LXS, GT-Line, EX, and the top-end GT model. Wheel choice varies based on trim level, with options for 16,18, and 19-inch alloys.

A turbocharged, 180 hp, 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine paired to an eight-speed automatic transmission is offered on all but the GT model.

For the top-end GT, there’s a turbocharged 2.5-liter four-cylinder under the hood that pushes out 290 hp for some serious get-up-and-go.

The K5 LXS and GT-Line models have an optional all-wheel drive, with the standard option being front-wheel drive. This is a departure for Kia, as they tend to prefer rear-wheel drive in their sedans, like the Stinger.

In addition to putting power to all four wheels, the K5 has custom drive modes to control how the car responds. There’s normal, smart, sport, and custom, with the all-wheel-drive models getting a snow mode, as well.

The exterior is stylish, and those good looks continue inside, where options include red leatherette upholstery, satin chrome metallic and faux-wood finishes, and a panoramic sunroof.

The 8-inch infotainment unit is standard, with an option to upgrade to a 10.25-inch screen. The larger screen gets you navigation, multi-device Bluetooth connectivity, and user settings for mirrors, seats, and radio.

Music lovers will appreciate the high-performance Bose 7 Premium sound system with 12 speakers.

Kia Carnival to Replace the Sedona

The Kia Sedona is gone, replaced instead by the Carnival. With the name change comes a body redesign and some upgrades intended to make the vehicle more appealing.

The Sedona was already called the Carnival in the rest of the world, so this name change really just brings the United States naming in line with the existing convention. The more significant change is in the exterior styling.

The corners have been squared off, giving the Carnival a more SUV-like appearance. The sliding rear doors, however, remain. This is good news for parents with children still in car seats, as a sliding door makes it far easier to reach into the vehicle.

Minivans have always battled an image problem, and with the rise in popularity of full-size SUVs, the minivan tended to suffer. It makes sense, then, that Kia has renamed the vehicle a multipurpose vehicle, in an effort to distance itself from the minivan label.

No matter what label it has, the Carnival offers plenty of advantages for anyone who needs to move several people. The seating configuration can fit eight people with a standard seating configuration, or seven with the optional middle row VIP option, which has reclining seats that can heat or cool the occupant.

A second middle row option has a sliding seat that converts to a table.

In addition to being able to carry eight adults in comfort, the Carnival can also haul up to 3,500 pounds. That means you can easily bring along a boat, or capably tow a small trailer. This towing capacity is made possible by a 3.5-liter V6 that produces 290 hp. 

Standard safety features include blindspot assist, collision avoidance, rear cross traffic alert, lane-keeping assist, and reverse distance warning. Other optional features include a blind spot monitoring system, smart cruise control, and a surround-view monitor.

The New Sorento – Performance and Looks

The Kia Sorento has been given a makeover. It’s more than just a refresh, with all-new body styling, a redesigned interior, and a new hybrid engine option.

This SUV looks sleek enough to be at home on the city streets, but it also has the features to make it down that dirt road to your favorite hideaway off the beaten track.

The increased off-road capability of the 2021 model is due partly to increased ground clearance, giving you more room to get over those rocky roads. When the going really gets tough, you’ll appreciate the available all-wheel-drive option.

When you’ve got a lot of stuff to bring with you, or need to bring along the camper trailer, the Sorento is more than capable, with a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds.

The interior of the Sorento has also been upgraded, with new digital instrument panel displays and other enhancements. With seating for 7, there’s plenty of space to bring the whole crew along with you. The middle row captain’s chairs add a level of comfort normally reserved only for the front seats, and optional leather adds to the feeling of luxurious quality.

With 8 USB chargers, nobody will have to deal with a dead phone. If looking at the phone while moving isn’t your thing, you can watch the world go by out the panoramic sunroof.

The Sorento is packed with safety features, too. Blindspot collision warning keeps you safe when you forget to check your blind spot. Rear cross-traffic collision avoidance acts as a second pair of eyes when you back out of a parking spot or in the road. The adaptive all-wheel drive mode constantly monitors the road conditions and makes adjustments to keep you as safe as possible.

Ready for a Sorento? Visit Kia of Irvine today.

Kia Sorento – The Mid-size SUV is Now Available as a Hybrid

Kia’s mid-size SUV, the Sorento, first came on the scene in 2002. Since then, it has undergone several changes and, is now in its fourth generation.

This latest update gives the SUV a more aggressive look. The rounded corners are gone, replaced by a more squared-off look. The interior has also been reworked, with a new digital panel and a general feeling of being upgraded from previous models.

Under the hood, there are a few options to choose from, including a turbocharged 281 hp four-cylinder model, or a hybrid model that combines electric and gasoline engines for a very respectable 39 mpg on city streets.

Being smaller than the Telluride, the Sorento feels easier to maneuver around tight parking lots. But it’s still bigger than the Sportage, so you won’t find yourself running out of room too quickly when it’s time to load up the family for a weekend away.

The Sorento comes in eight trim levels, from the base model LX, up to the SX Prestige X-Line. The EX hybrid model falls right in the middle of the pack, making it approachable for people who want the fuel savings of a hybrid, without all the extra bells and whistles of the higher-end trim level.

This SUV also comes in an all-wheel-drive model. For those times when you need a bit of extra grip, it’s good to know all four wheels are working to get you forward.

The new Sorento has the look of a capable SUV. And it has the power to match that look, with a 3,500-pound carrying capacity. This makes it a great option for hauling the ATV or side by side to the trails, or bringing a small travel trailer to the campground.

Get your new Kia Sorento from Kia of Irvine today.

Front Quarter View of the 2020 Kia Cadenza

Travel Safely and in Style in Your Kia Cadenza

Having a car that supports and even enhances your lifestyle can make you feel richer than you are. It’s a bonus if your car also makes it easy to be and feel safe while you’re commuting or on a family road trip. Since a vehicle can be a significant investment, you’ll want to be sure to buy one that suits both your needs and desires. The Kia Cadenza is a luxury sedan with highly positive safety ratings and features to back them up.

The Kia Cadenza offers you a choice of three driving modes to suit your location and destination. Switch from Normal to Sporty mode for a sportier performance in the city or on those long straightaways, or Eco for improved mileage. All modes let you enjoy superior comfort with leather upholstery and interior adjustable ambient lighting. The Kia Cadenza may not be your typical sports car, but you can still have a ton of fun driving it and keep your gas bills low at the same time.

With multiple safety features — like its advanced heads-up windshield display system that lets you keep your eyes on the road, and a pedestrian detection tool — the Kia Cadenza has excellent safety ratings. If you’re driving your family on a road trip vacation or getting them to school on time, safety is of the utmost importance. Add in a lane-keeping assistant system and reactive cruise control — one that adapts to your environment to detect upcoming curves in the road and other vehicles that get too close — this car really takes the stress out of driving.

The Kia Cadenza has a spacious and naturally quiet cabin. Interior serenity can help mitigate the workday stresses and keep your family happy longer by negating exterior distractions. No matter your mood, the exceptional surround-sound audio system with up to 12 speakers, will only enhance it. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are available to host your playlists of the day. Plus, a large infotainment center and USB ports for charging devices will keep everyone in the car happy.

The Kia Cadenza. Where upscale meets practicality with style and grace. To find out more about the Kia Cadenza, call Kia of Irvine today.

Hitting a High Note With the 2020 Kia Cadenza

Front View of the 2020 Kia Cadenza

In music, the term cadenza refers to a notated or improvised musical passage played or sung by at least one soloist, often in freestyle and, if you’re lucky, with exceptional technical skill. The 2020 Kia Cadenza car, while unable to play an instrument, handles so nicely, you’ll feel like a maestro behind the wheel.

Like a virtuosic soloist, the 2020 Kia Cadenza model is also one that you shouldn’t ignore. Updated and restyled for the 2020 model, the Cadenza you value for its large sedan size and luxurious interior is even better than before. The 2020 Cadenza model has an enhanced upscale exterior style with a new hood, bumpers, and grille. With 19-inch wheels, these upgrades give the 2020 model a sleeker exterior that makes it stand out from its rivals. 

A new and improved dashboard design gives this full-size sedan a fresh appearance and powerful technology. The 2020 model comes with a larger 12.3-inch touchscreen navigation and infotainment display and three additional USB ports. The audio and climate system controls are now available in a more ergonomic design, and you’ll have a remote start option and a wireless smartphone charging pad.

Kia’s Drive Wise suite of driver-assistance features is now standard with the 2020 model. One of the best options in this model is adaptive cruise control. This system uses the Cadenza’s camera and radar modules to adjust the set cruising speed if it detects another vehicle too close to yours. Safety options like these will make you more comfortable on the road and get you and your family to your destination in one piece.

A newly refined, velvety-smooth V-6 engine provides a boost of power to compliment the Cadenza’s serene driving dynamics, letting you enjoy your drive no matter where it takes you. Retaining the meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship from previous models, the 2020 Kia Cadenza is an even better deal than you’ve come to expect from Kia.

To find out more about the Kia Cadenza and see what spectacular deals are available for you, call Kia of Irvine today.

Kia Optima – More than Just Good Looks

Side View of the 2020 Kia Optima

There’s no denying it. The Kia Optima is a good-looking car. The sleek lines give it a stylish appearance that promises an enjoyable ride. But this car is about more than just looks. It’s also packed with plenty of safety features.

Blind Spot Detection

Several cameras and sensors placed around the car detect potential threats in the driver’s blind spots and alert the driver. The car constantly monitors its surroundings for potential hazards – mainly, other cars. When driving on multilane highways, this feature can be especially useful. During lane changes, the car will alert the driver of another vehicle in its blind spot.

Lane Keep Assist

Cars continue to get smarter. Today’s standard features were yesterday’s upgrade, or in some cases not even available. Take, for instance, lane-keeping technology. This technology relies on external sensors to determine the lane a car is in. If the car senses that it’s veering out of that lane and a turn signal is not being used, the car will notify the driver. The car can even correct steering to remain in the lane, if necessary.

Collision Avoidance

Forward collision avoidance is a standard feature on the Optima. This bit of automotive technology watches the road ahead to monitor for potentially hazardous situations. If it senses an imminent collision, and the driver fails to respond, the car will apply its brakes in an attempt to prevent the collision.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert

Parking lots are a common spot for collisions to occur. In an effort to address this pain point, Kia has installed a radar system in the rear of the car. The bumper-mounted sensors watch for vehicles approaching from the left or right, and alert the driver to warn of oncoming traffic.

Connected App

Using the UVO Intelligence system, you can control your Optima from your smartphone. The app allows you to remotely start the car and also set the heat and air conditioning levels. This will be especially useful on those days when it’s either really cold or very hot, since you can now get into a comfortably preheated or precooled car.

The app also provides monthly vehicle health reports and maintenance alerts, so you can keep your car in top shape.

Ready to get inside a Kia Optima? Test drive one today at Kia of Irvine.