Interested in a Kia Soul EV?

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2018 Kia Soul EV Los Angeles, CA

2018 Soul EV Technology

We all know that the less energy you use while you're driving, the more energy goes towards your driving range. That's why you've always heard that your mileage goes down when you have the air conditioning or heat blasting. Not always the biggest deal for vehicles that run on gas, but this can turn into a problem for most vehicles powered by electricity. Thankfully, the 2018 Kia Soul EV has technologies in place that are able to monitor and manage the energy being used in order to optimize its driving range, and still provide you with the warm or cool air you need to drive comfortably.

Because the engineers at Kia know that you want to bring your favorite music, apps, contacts, and more with you everywhere you go, they've made the 2018 Soul eV compatible with both Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. All you need to do is sync up your compatible smartphone and everything you need will be available on the center touchscreen display. Make calls, have text messages read to you, and even use the navigation off of your phone right from your car. That way you won't have to look down at your lap when you need to know where to turn.

2018 Soul EV Efficiency

Thanks to a powerful and sleek battery capable of storing up to 30 kWh of energy, the 2018 Soul eV has an estimated driving range of up to 111 miles on a single charge! In order to help maximize driving range, each time you press on the brake pedal, the Soul EV is able to turn the energy which is usually lost while braking into energy that is used to power your lights, touchscreen display, air conditioning, and more. That means you'll have more battery power devoted to keeping your Soul EV going.

Because there are three different ways that you can charge your 2018 Soul EV, you'll surely be able to find a place to quickly charge when you need a boost. First, the 120V charger uses the same outlets that the appliances in your house use. Just like your cell phone, plug the Soul EV in before bed each night and it will be ready to roll as soon as you wake up. Next, the 240V charger is what you typically find at public charging stations, and can even be installed at your house. This charger is able to get your battery from 0 to 100% in as little as 5 hours. Finally, the 2018 Soul EV is the only electric vehicle with a standard DC Fast Charge port. That means you'll be able to hook up to a 480-volt charger to get an 80% charge in about 30 minutes.