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3 tips for renting a car 

Anyone who has rented a car will tell you that it is mostly a painless, convenient experience. Think about it. The ability to just pick up a new car after your plane lands and drop it off before you go home is pretty cool. While the process is generally pretty straightforward, there are some ways you can save money on it. Check out a few of our helpful tips below. 

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Ways to save money on a rental car 

Don’t rent at the airport 

You know how you sometimes see a Hertz or Enterprise desk at the airport? Avoid that if possible. It is extra convenient to pick up a rental car right at the airport, but that convenience comes at a cost. Airport-based agencies often charge up to 30% more than other dealers for the same car. If possible, get to a rental car agency away from the airport and you will save some cash. 

Avoid glitz and glamourwoman driving a car

It can be very tempting to spend a little more for a fancier ride. Treating yourself is always important, but treating your wallet is more important sometimes. If you’re only going to have the car for a week or two, tops, why bother spending extra money on more amenities? Save that money for something you might actually need and go with a less expensive economy car. 

Ask about coupons 

A quick Google search will give you an expansive world of rental car discounts. There are coupons all over the internet, but if you still can’t find one that suits you, just ask the rental car agent. They are bound to have something they can offer you!

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