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Kia Oil Change in Irvine CA

Are you looking for a trusted, local Kia service center? Kia of Irvine can be the one-stop shop for all Kia drivers in the area. Specifically, our service technicians are here to make sure everything on your Kia runs smoothly. An oil change is probably the most common service you’ll have done to your car. Let us help with that! Continue reading to learn more about services at Kia of Irvine. 

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Why is it important to change your oil? 

You probably get your oil changed at least a few times every year. Why is it so important? What happens if you don’t get it changed? Motor oil is the most important fluid in your engine. It keeps everything running the way it should, and without it, your engine would jam, dry out, and stop working. While you feed your car gasoline, motor oil acts as the blood of your car, so to speak. You need to replenish your oil supply when it runs low or becomes old and debris-filled. A simple oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles or so will ensure that everything continues to work right. 

Schedule an oil change appointment 

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Yes, the mechanics in our service shop can do more than a basic oil change. Come to us for anything that needs attention on your Kia. Whether you need a standard service like a tire rotation or a specialty repair job for anything that is faulty, we’re here to help. Years of experience and training have made our technicians some of the best in the area. Schedule an appointment with us and let us prove it to you! 

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