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What Tips and Tricks are Available for Sanitizing Your Kia Vehicle to Limit the Spread of COVID-19?

Tips and Tricks for Sanitizing Your Kia Vehicle

The COVID-19 crisis has been the main topic of concern here in California and throughout the country and the rest of the world. Many people are doing research on how they can best keep themselves and their communities safe from the virus spreading. The staff here at Kia of Irvine has a few tips and tricks for sanitizing the interior of your Kia vehicle to help limit the spread of COVID-19. Let’s explore these tips and tricks together!

1. Sanitize Interior With Disinfecting Wipes or Soap and Water

This is by far the most effective way to kill COVID-19 and any other germs that may be present inside your Kia. The Disinfecting Wipes are more effective and work faster than soap and water, but both of these sanitization methods will work.

2. Disinfect Key Touch Points Inside Your Kia Vehicle’s Interior

These are the areas that you touch the most frequently inside your Kia. The steering wheel, infotainment system and climate system controls, and the gear selector are the most frequently touched aspects inside your vehicle. You know what you touch the most. Make sure to sanitize those key areas!

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3. Do Not Use Cleaners Containing Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide, or Ammonia

All of these chemicals are extremely effective at killing COVID-19 and other germs that settle on surfaces. However, these chemicals also can do a great deal of damage to the vinyl and plastics that are used for the surfaces inside your Kia vehicle. Stick to disinfecting wipes and soap and water for the sanitizing process.

4. Avoid Forcefully Scrubbing Surfaces of Your Kia Vehicle’s Interior

This can also cause damage to the interior surfaces inside your vehicle. Disinfecting wipes only need a few passes along each touchpoint surface. When using soap and water a few more passes and focusing in more specific areas may be necessary. Forceful scrubbing might be necessary to remove debris that has baked to the surface, but this is unnecessary to kill COVID-19 or germs.

Please contact the service staff here at Kia of Irvine if you have any questions on the sanitizing process for the interior of your Kia vehicle!

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