Kia Cadenza vs Kia K900

Which Kia Sedan is Better: 2019 Kia Cadenza Versus 2019 Kia K900?

Sedan Comparison: Kia Cadenza vs Kia K900

Have you ever wondered which Kia luxury sedan is better between the 2019 Kia Cadenza and the 2019 Kia K900? If so, then you have come to the perfect place! The staff at Kia of Irvine is knowledgeable about both of these excellent sedans and can help you find which option is superior. Let’s take a closer look at the 2019 Kia Cadenza and the 2019 Kia K900 together!

Comparison: Engine Options

The 2019 Kia Cadenza and the 2019 Kia K900 each offer a different engine under their respective hoods. The 2019 Cadenza offers a 3.3L V6 engine, while the 2019 K900 offers a 3.3L turbo V6 engine. Each engine’s key specifications are highlighted by the table below:

2019 Kia Cadenza


2019 Kia K900

3.3L V6 Engine Base Engine 3.3L Turbo V6 Engine
290 Horsepower Engine Power 365 Horsepower
252 Pound-Feet Engine Torque 376 Pound-Feet
20 MPG / 27 MPG Fuel Economy (City / Hwy) 18 MPG / 25 MPG

As you can see, the 2019 Kia K900 engine offers superior performance output, while the 2019 Kia Cadenza engine offers superior fuel economy. When it comes to price, the 2019 Cadenza is less costly, with a starting MSRP of $33,100, while the 2019 K900 is available at a starting MSRP of $59,900.

Side View of the 2019 Kia Cadenza

Front Quarter View of the 2019 Kia K900

Comparison: Key Features

In addition to different engine options, both models offer different features as well! As you might expect from the higher price point of the 2019 Kia K900, it offers much better luxury features than what the 2019 Kia Cadenza offers. The 2019 K900 offers a 12.3-inch touchscreen display, while the 2019 Cadenza offers an 8-inch touchscreen display on the Technology and Limited trim levels. Additionally, the 2019 K900 offers a wireless phone charger in both the front and rear seating area, while the 2019 Cadenza features only one wireless phone charger in the front seating area. If you would like to explore more of the differences between these two models for yourself, then you should contact the staff at Kia of Irvine today!

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