Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ at Chicago Auto Show

Photos of Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ at Chicago Auto Show

Our team here at Kia of Irvine had the pleasure of attending the Chicago Auto Show this year, and we got some close up pictures of the Sedona ‘School of Rock’ concept van that was originally on display at the SEMA Show last year. We’re going to share the images we got to give readers a better idea of what this studio on wheels is all about!


Kia Sedona School of Rock rearview Chicago Auto Show

The idea behind the ‘School of Rock’ Sedona minivan is that it would be a self-driving vehicle. This way, the band would be able to hang out, record music and practice their set while traveling to their next gig. It’s filled with tons of awesome technology and convenience features that are sure to impress any musician.

Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ artwork Chicago Auto Show
Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ wheel design Chicago Auto Show
Kia Sedona ‘School of Rock’ side view Chicago Auto Show

Some of the most noteworthy features in the ‘School of Rock’ Sedona are the digital mixing board and dual flat-screen monitors where the band can record. There is also a mic that hangs from the ceiling, amps in the cargo area, storage on the roof and acoustic foam panels lining the cabin to reduce the sound. Stay tuned to our blog for details on future Kia concept vehicles.

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